Our Story

Formulated by equine nutritional experts and likeminded horsemen.

Nutritional Services was established in 1970 by Bill Crocker. It was his mission to research and create a supplement that would correct the nutritional imbalances of feed grown in the northwest. Bill’s passion was horses and his wife Norma was enchanted with llamas. These dreams and hard work lead to the development and production of Northwest Horse Supplement, Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate, Northwest Llama Supplement Plus and, of course, Apple-Asses The Horse Treat.

Over the last 40 plus years, these products have developed a solid reputation and gained a loyal following because of their sound nutrition and solid results.

In April of 2012, the company was purchased by a group of four local business men based in Hermiston, Oregon. The new owners are proud to continue the legacy that is Nutritional Services and be able to continue providing these tried and true products throughout the Northwest.