Some of your most common questions, answered!
Are your products effective outside of the Northwest?
Yes, our products work well outside the Northwest as well. We specifically formulate to meet the needs of horses in the Northwest but the vitamins and minerals we provide are essential to horses no matter what region they live in.
My stallion is beginning to age and I have concerns about his semen count. What do you recommend?
Decrease in semen quality is common as stallions age. You can support your stallion’s health by feeding him Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate which will provide excellent nutritional support keeping him healthy and viable for longer.
I suspect my horse is deficient in trace minerals and/or vitamins. Is it safe to temporarily increase this daily intake above the recommended amount in order to bring his nutrition into balance?
You should consult with your vet before feeding your horse amounts above what is recommended on the label of any product. If your vet deems your horse deficient, follow their feeding recommendations.
Is Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate appropriate for my orphan foal?
Absolutely. Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate provides the vitamins and minerals that your foal needs to develop strong bones, good muscle, excellent immune system, healthy skin and hair coat and a properly and efficient functioning digestive system.
My horse exhibits conditions of a compromised immune system. Is Northwest Horse Supplement the right choice for me?
Northwest Horse Supplement contains vitamins and minerals that are essential to your horse’s immune function. These nutrients work together to support the immune system as it prevents or fights infections while enhancing antioxidant activity.
My horse’s hooves are cracking and weak, should I feed Northwest Horse Supplement with Biotin?
Poor hoof quality is often a sign of poor nutrition in a horse. Feeding Northwest Horse Supplement with Biotin will boost your horse’s overall health as well as supply 15 mg of biotin/day to your horse. Biotin has been shown to support and assist the growth of healthy sound hooves. Northwest Horse Supplement also supplies zinc and copper in a highly absorbable form which is essential for hoof wall growth and repair.
What are amino acid complexes and what makes them better than other sources?
Amino acid complexes are organic trace minerals produced by Zinpro Performance Minerals. A single trace mineral metal ion is bound to a single essential amino acid molecule to create a specific amino acid complex. These organic minerals are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to tissues and organs to be utilized. Our products contain amino acid complexes of copper, cobalt, manganese and zinc.
Are your products Organic?
Our products do contain some organic ingredients but as a whole are not organic.
Where are the Nutritional Services products manufactured?
All of our products are manufactured in our private feed mill located in Hermiston, Oregon.
Why does it matter that it is a private feed mill?
A private feed mill means that only our products are produced from it which gives us the ability to guarantee the integrity of the products. There is no chance for cross contamination or exposure to things like antibiotics or animal bi-products to occur.