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Immune Support


Trace minerals and vitamins provide an abundance of Antioxidants which aid in immune function and promote healthy horses.

Hoof Integrity


The inclusion of Biotin and Zinc are integral in the development of healthy and strong hooves because we believe, "No hoof, no horse!"

Structural Soundness


The combination of Organic Selenium, Performance Minerals, Vitamin E and many more vitamins and minerals come together to sustain a healthy horse from the inside out.

I often get ask how I keep my horses looking so shiny and healthy. I have to tell them about my 'secret weapon,' Northwest Horse Supplement.

Kerry K.

I think you have a superior product and I am pleased to hear of the change in the formula. I will continue to purchase your product and recommend it to others.

Jaime G.


Northwest Horse Supplement and Northwest Mare & Foal Concentrate now contain both Sel-Plex and Zinpro Performance Minerals.

Sel-Plex® is Alltech's proprietary organic form of selenium yeast manufactured to mimic Mother Nature, thus better absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal than inorganic selenium. Selenium plays an essential role in metabolism, orchestrating normal growth, launching reproductive efforts, neutralizing free radicals and supporting the body’s normal defense mechanism against infection. Supported by more than 18 years of research, Sel-Plex is the most researched and proven form of organic selenium and is also the only FDA reviewed and first EU approved source of organic selenium. Alltech is currently the world's largest producer of natural, organic selenium yeast.

Selenium plays an essential role in metabolism, growth, reproduction, and supporting the body’s immune system.

Zinpro Performance Minerals are the most bioavailable trace minerals on the market, which means more of the minerals are absorbed by the animal to deliver their full benefit. For 40 years, Zinpro Performance Minerals have delivered positive animal performance responses and a strong return on investment in operations around the world. Zinpro Performance Minerals®, are built on a unique, patented molecule that consists of one metal ion bound to one amino acid ion – called a metal amino acid complex.

Zinpro Performance Minerals supply copper, cobalt, manganese and zinc for Northwest Horse Supplement and Northwest Mare & Foal Concentrate.

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Formulated by equine nutritional experts and likeminded horsemen.

Pastures and hays grown in the Northwest have some serious nutrient deficiencies. This depletion causes interference with the metabolism of other essential nutrients. Thanks to our in house research studies, we can provide you with the ultimate, nutritional products to help your horses attain their full genetic potential.